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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !





Poverty has destroyed many lives and destinies

   This we shall not allow to continue

High quality education very vital to the Human race

This we shall continue to champion for the benefit of the human race

   And set them free from the limiting shackles of ignorance

From Africa, Asia, Europe, America and all continents of the Earth

We shall positively affect and touch the lives of the children, youths and all people of the world with quality universal education

   Till the voice of liberation is heard across the world

In God and mankind

   We are one

And our love for doing good

Concerning the affairs of the world

   Shall forever remain strong

The children we shall love with all our hearts

Shelter them from all forms of harm

Provide health care and give them all the love we can

   For them to live a high quality life that they were born to live

The youths of the world shall not be left out

   For we value them greatly

We shall allow them to blossom like a beautiful flower in full bloom

And empower them in any way we can

   To make them realize their greatness and the fullness of their full potentials

Concerning women our better halves our beloved

We shall promote gender equality

   And we shall not rest till they occupy their rightful place in the affairs of the world

We have promised to be socially responsible and promote environmental sustainability

To also tackle climate change

And protect our world from all forms of peril

   For a better Earth will indeed produce a better world for all of us to live in

We shall also reach out to our mothers

Those that carried us in their precious wombs

   And gave us the chance to come into this wonderful world

We owe them a lot

   And we shall take care of their health, embrace them with love and touch them with our wealth

We shall all combine efforts to combat HIV/Aids , Cancer , Polio

Totally eradicate it or reduce it to its barest minimum

   For we can’t allow it to continue to afflict the lives of our very dear beloved ones

Let it be known to all men

No matter our age, race, creed, belief or any continents of the Earth we come from

With love

   We shall all rise

In God our maker

   We shall all stand

And having faith in the common good of mankind

   We shall all achieve

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

   Is truly worthy of global support

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

… Together let’s fight and work to achieve this golden dream for this golden age !









So many great lives that we have lost
   So many great gains we shall make
We watch as the lives of some of our heroes
And our precious lives are taken
   By this monster called cancer
You come into our midst
   To cause us pain
But let it be known
   That we shall fight you and conquer you with great joy
You creep in steadily to destroy lives
We too are not resting on our oars
   We too are steadily working to eradicate you from the bloodstream of the human race
Malaria came
   We found a cure
Tuberculosis came
   Millions have been relieved
Many diseases that threatens us
That threatens the human race
   Have come and gone
At the end
They couldn’t stand the fighting spirit
   And the all conquering spirit of the human race
No more precious lives
   Shall be lost because of you
We shall outlive
   And outlast you
Very soon
In the nearest future
   You shall become history
And never dwell
In another person’s body
   Or amongst the human race






...Dedicated to the Refugees !



They are many
   Yet they are few
They live in no man’s land
   And they dwell in no man’s home
They are not the architect of their misfortune
   But they are the product of human nature
Even though despised
   They still show love
Even though in need
   They still give the little they’ve got
Even in the face of hostility
   They still show their tender side
Even in the state of disaffection
   They still display their affectionate heart
Even in loneliness
   They still find someone to love
And even when torn apart from loved ones
   They still find the strength to carry on
Even in disunity
   They still live in one accord
Even in disarray
   They still live in harmony
Even in troubled times
   Their heart still yearn for peace
Even in a strange land
   Their heart still yearn for home
And even in the face of hatred
   They still show love
They are human
   Just like you and I
And they are God’s people
   Only looking for another home
Please, Let’s learn to tolerate
   And accommodate the REFUGEES
For they are our lost brothers
   Only coming back home!







…Dedicated to the less privileged!



They toil in the day
   And they sleep at night
They are heavily laden
   But they still live in love
They are not saints
   But they still abide in grace
Even in pain
   They still find time to smile
Even when sick
They still pray to be healed
   By He that healeth
Even in times of deep sorrow
   They still seek for happiness
Even in anguish
   They still seek for joy and laughter
And even in moment of despair
   They still pray for a better day
They don’t pray for the situation they are in
   But it is circumstances that made it so
Any acts of kindness shown to them
   Are blessed directly by Heaven
They are Angels in our midst
   And they are God’s blessings in disguise
Please extend a helping hand to the less privileged
   For they are still part of the human family.




We are all one in the human family. We all belong to the human race, irrespective of our colour, the privileged post we

occupy in the society or our religious beliefs.


And the best we can be is to be a blessing not only to ourselves but also to the human family.


Please reach out and touch a life today. God bless you as you do so.






Stevie Wonder
Helen Keller
Though born blind
   Made great impact in the world
On their path shall we walk
   And greater deeds shall we do
Don’t write us off yet
For we are coming to shake the world
   And rewrite the history of the world
Our maker shall be our pillar
   God will lead us
Angels our guide
   And you too can be our humble partner in progress
You can always assist us if you can
For God Himself will reward your great deeds 
   And compassionate heart
But we are surely going somewhere higher
   For we are all men and women of purpose
The will to do
  Burns in our hearts
And the drive to become 
   Burns in our soul
We have vowed not to just be part of the human race
   But to add great value to the world
We believe in ourselves
We believe in God
We believe in the greatness that lies in us
We believe in the world
We believe in the human race
   … And we believe in the great future that lies ahead of us ! 










You’ve crippled destinies
   Bring great men to their knees
Cause problems in homes
Make men to sell their birthright
   And make many not to fulfill their full potentials
You’ve ravaged so many beautiful lives
   And even made many to shed secret tears
Poverty, We know that without you in our lives
We can become a better person , individual , nation , continent
   And a better world
We demand prosperity , health , wealth and the fulfillment of our full potentials
   For that is our birthright
We shall touch the four corners of the Earth
And the remotest part of the globe
With our common wealth
   And eradicate you from the face of the Earth
Poverty, hear us and hear us well
We shall fight you systematically and valiantly
   Till you are no longer known in the four corners of the Earth