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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !






Peace, love and harmony will always be an essential commodity in the lives of every person born into this world.



I pray from the depth of my being that global peace , love , unity and harmony shall reign supreme in every lives , every home , city , country , every continent and from the beginning to the uttermost parts of the Earth from now till eternity.



From the depth of me , I look forward to the day when nations will not fight against nations. When weapons of war will be turned to plowshed and mankind will learn to live in peace and harmony.



I look forward to the day when Muslims , Christians and people of all religion will embrace in true religious tolerance and celebrate in the spirit  of one love, for we are all from one God.



I look forward to the day when the white and black race will see beyond the colour of each others skin and see the true beauty that lies in every single one of us born into this world.



And I look forward to the day when we shall all recognize that whatever we do today will determine our place in eternity.



Undeniably , Peace and Love are the beautiful roses that are needed in every home, in every city , in every country and in every continent. The sacred feeling that should be carried in every heart , the torch that should light up every single part of the Earth, the unbreakable cord that should unite all humanity and the common universal currency that should be spent by mankind.



From the beginning to the uttermost parts of the Earth, let Peace and Love be established in the world.



Peace to the world and Peace to all men.












War + War = More Wars



Peace + Peace = Peace



Let us give Peace a chance.















Black Race + White Race = The Human Race



Whether we are black or white. We all belong to the Human Race.














Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Prophet Muhammad are one of the greatest figures to ever grace the face of the Earth. And their combined efforts has truly shaped the history of the world even till date.


Muslims and Christians are the very seeds of Abraham. Their lineage can be  traced to Ishmael and Isaac from the friend of God " The Father of Faith “ Father Abraham  whom Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad ultimately sprang from to deliver timeless message of hope, love, peace and ultimate faith in God our maker.


For sending Ishmael and his mother into the wilderness and for the holocaust of the distant past we apologize to our Muslim brothers. For ever attempting to burn the Holy Qur'an , the most sacred book our Muslim brothers hold very dear we tender an unreserved double apology.


The world will always be grateful to the Muslim world for giving the world university, the highest institution of learning which is indeed one of the world’s greatest gift which many has immensely benefit from and still drink freely from the overflowing fountain of knowledge.


When Prophet Muhammad marched with his army to Jerusalem none was killed because of his faith, we deeply appreciate his noble gesture even till date.


Muslims and Christians should always know and have at the back of their mind that they are the very seeds of Abraham.


Jesus Christ is a man of peace ; God is a God of peace.


If Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad were to live in the same time and era would they fight each other? This is the question I leave for the world to answer.


But the ultimate lesson we should all learn is to have ultimate faith in God our maker, our beloved father. It is from Him we came and all source of life on Earth and in Heaven.


Let our Muslim and Christian brothers forgive and forget. 


For we are all brothers and sisters from the very beginning.















How would it be like if there is no more WAR ?

   If there is no more religious war amongst the human race

If there is no more racial discrimination across the world

   If illiteracy is banished to our distant past and all have access to quality universal education

If the youths can be gainfully employed and productively engaged 

If money spent on war can be used to equip and build up the people of the world and the human race

If permanent cure and lasting solution can be found for cancer and other terrible diseases that threatens the human race

   And they no longer pose a threat to our common existence

If we can all rise up and fight against poverty and eradicate it in the world 

   For poverty is the common enemy of we the human race

If industrialized nations , nations of the Earth , global organizations and all of us can come together to cooperate , tackle and resolve the urgent issue of climate change

For the Earth is still our home

   And anything that affects the Earth our home still affects us all

If we can all work together for our common good and positively advance the noble cause of the human race

If we can all join hands together to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) before the year 2030

And if we can all rise above hatred to embrace LOVE

For love is all we need in the world 

And amongst the Human race.









We must all irrespective of the colour of our skin, belief or social status take

pride in propagating the noble ideals of a better world.


A world where we all nobly identify with peace, love and harmony.


A world where the children of the world will be shown the true meaning of love

and will be well taken care of.


A world where the youths will be well equipped , greatly encouraged and

inspired to be the best that they can be for their benefit , the benefit of their

nation and the world.


A world where the government of every nation will see their citizens as very vital

components of their nation and get to understand that the development of their

nation and their citizens' welfare is part of their basic responsibilities.


A world of equality. A world where equal opportunities prevails and is available

for all ,where people can freely thrive, excel and flourish like a beautiful flower

across the river.


A world where there is justice, peace, love and harmony.


A world where terrible diseases and poverty that threatens the human race and

our common existence will become non-existence due to our common

global positive action.


A world where climate change and anything that afflicts our planet Earth

concerns all of us.


A world where we care not only about ourselves. But we also care about other

people , our dear planet Earth and the world.


And a world where we can all proudly call home ; our world.








What about the dreams we had when we were a child. Those ones we had when we were a youth and the ones we had when we fully became adults.

Why have we abandoned them like abandoned buildings, like uncompleted projects?

How about the dreams we had to become a better person

To become better husbands

To become better wives

To become better sons and daughters

What about our abandoned talents and gifts

What about the great ideas we have and have all abandoned

What about the ideas we have to become a great leader – a better leader

And what about the dreams we have to build a better community, a better society and a better world.

Don’t abandon your dreams. Go back to your dreams. And fulfill them.








I believe that there is no greater impact that can be made in this world than to make positive impact in the world and on the human race.


- Francis Titus King



Your positive contributions to humanity will never be forgotten. It will always be remembered.


-Francis Titus King



Let your heart beat for Humanity


-Francis Titus King



Tell the youths , tell the children of the world and tell the future generations that in them lies extreme greatness that can be of immense benefit to the world.


-Francis Titus King


Life is not just about living a life of existence. It is about making positive contributions to the human race. It is about making impact in the world and let generations of men remember that someone great indeed came to this world.


-Francis Titus King


Noble deeds are the hallmarks of noble men.     


-Francis Titus King



Don't abandon your dreams. Go back to your dreams . And fulfill them.


-Francis Titus King


Great deeds indeed make great men.


-Francis Titus King