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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !







                                                                          Do you love yourself ?

                                                                         Do you love the youths ?

                                                                          Do you love children ?

                                                                            Do you love people ?


                                                            THEN YOU CAN HAVE ACCESS TO  : 

THE GREATEST EDUCATIONAL BOOK IN HISTORY entitled MY CHILD MY BLOOD  that takes children, people and the youths away from vices and turn them to HEROES.

This revolutionary highly inspirational book that inspires people to walk the path of greatness , to become role models to the world , to do great things with the great life they have been blessed with , to make positive impact in the world , to become a point of reference for the human race and to leave behind a lasting legacy that the whole world will be very proud of.

This revolutionary highly inspiring book is recommended for Parents , Schools ( Private / Government ) Students , Organizations , N.G.O’s ,Global Organizations , Multinationals , Government and people of all ages.

Get a copy of this book and watch your life , that of your children , the youths and your loved ones changed forever.

THE GREATEST EDUCATIONAL BOOK IN HISTORY and the book that will cause global positive revolution is HERE.


                                                                          MY CHILD MY BLOO

                                                            … Spread the Message Worldwide !























To get a copy directly from the Author :


Just Pay #500   ( For Adult Only )

   Pay #300        ( For Student Only )




ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0010915117

After payment text your Name , Teller Number , E-mail to 08068442558

Expect immediate delivery of the E-book version of the extraordinary book via your e-mail within the next 24 hours.


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                                              DEE EVERGREEN WORLD  


                         THE GREAT VISION ... THE GREAT  MISSION



To the youths , children and the people of the world , we shall make sure that they have access to My Child … My Blood for them to be inspired, walk the path of greatness and become one of the greatest men and women to ever walk the face of the Earth.



To those whose heart yearn for love. We shall reach out with My Child … My Blood to make them know that there is no greater love than the love of God for them and His unselfish desire to make them find true love and make them fulfill their glorious destinies.



To those with great dreams burning in their soul. We shall stand by their side like a true friend, respond swiftly like an eagle and make sure that their great dreams comes to see the light of day.



To those that lack funds to finance their education. We shall respond with scholarships to make them realize their dreams of becoming one of the greatest scholars to ever pass out from any institution.



To students spread all over the world , we shall touch their lives positively with My Child My Blood , awaken the giant in them , inspire them to become extremely great and also make positive impact in the world that shall forever be remembered for many generations to come.



To the beggars, the prostitutes , the destitutes, and those that have been written off by the society. We shall reach out with compassion and the greatest power in Heaven and Earth, which is the power of love to touch their lives positively and make them know that God still value them and God is still willing to do everything within His power to make them all the great things He has destined them to be.



To those in the orphanage and those lying sick in hospitals. We shall reach out with My Child ... My Blood and render all the necessary assistance that we can to make them know that the great Healer still healeth and that He that created the whole universe is still very much interested in making their lives beautiful and glorious again.



For those locked up in prison for crimes they committed and for those in prison for doing no wrong. We shall give My Child … My Blood , to give them the hope of a better day, to make them know that God still has great plans for them and to also make them know that they can still be of great value to the society and to humanity in general.



To the blind we shall reach out to them , give them My Child … My Blood to make them realise that they are not forsaken .To make them believe that they too can achieve great things in this world that our Heavenly father has made our home.



To the churches of the world , all religious bodies and to the people of God we shall release My Child … My Blood to positively affect the people of the world and to continue doing the work of God mightily.



To those that have been battered, we shall restore hope. To those that lack belief, we shall restore their belief in God. And to those that has given up , we shall tell them that they too have the innate ability to rise to great glorious heights in the world , to achieve unbelievable things that men shall call incredible and to make great glorious impact in the world that shall continue to vibrate throughout all ages.



To the people of the Earth we shall tell them that their gift is a great gift to the world , that the greatest they can do is to reach out and touch the human race for the better and leave behind a lasting legacy that shall forever stand the test of time.



To those that have the undying passion to advance the cause of mankind and to contribute positively to humanity. We shall be willing to forge a formidable partnership with them backed by the unlimited power of God to make this wonderful planet called Earth which we the human race call home to become a better place to live in for the entire Human race.



And to people spread all over the face of the Earth we shall release My Child … My Blood. For at DEE EVERGREEN WORLD we believe in the universal gospel of One God, One Love, One World and we also believe in the eternal principle that it is our utmost responsibilities as true sons and daughters of God that we are to make this world far greater and better than we met it for the benefit of the entire human race.






…Be inspired to change the world !






… In every Home , Every Office , Every School ,

Every Country , Every Continent , Every Hand

And In Every Parts Of The World !






To get MY CHILD … MY BLOOD across to one billion people within the next 4 years.






... Be inspired and make global impact .






… The Vision is Global !