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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !






Climate change must be tackled and given the urgent attention it seriously deserves for the sake of we thehuman race the inhabitants of our very precious home called planet Earth.


For our humble home, the great planet Earth is crying out for help.


It is only we, the occupants, its noble inhabitants that can collectively heal its wound.


One day, one very faithfull day, today or in the nearest future our children and the future generations shall boldly ask us without any form of shame the kind of Earth we left for them to inherit.


It shall be asked of us that in our own time. What did we do to save the Earth? What did we do to make the world a better place for all of us? When all that was needed was our collective will to act for our collective good.


The more damage we inflict on the Earth. The more it reacts in negative ways and cause us pain that might take us years to heal. Earthquakes, hurricane e.t.c are some of its devastating products that takes precious lives with it and damage properties that will take billions of dollars to rebuild.


We take treasures from the ocean and we take precious things from the depth of the Earth. But is there any back-up plan to replenish what we took? Is there any plan to greatly cushion its effects on the Earth?


Have we humans learnt or shall we continue to fight the Earth and experience this vicious circle it produces. We should all come to understand that the Earth is temporarily under our care.


Nature has a balance .But have we humans not gradually unbalanced what nature beautifully built.


Acts of deforestation in our bid to reclaim land for our use has left the Earth with less oxygen to circulate for the benefit of the human race.The ozone layer is gradually being depleted by carbon dioxide, methane e.t.c ,e.t.c which is now gradually depleting God’s own glorious protective shield on our beautiful Earth.


But there is still great hope fort the world.


More trees can be planted, afforestation and reforestation programmes can be embarked upon to absorb the harmful materials in the air, more oxygen can be released to the atmosphere to revitalize the Earth and truly be of immense benefit to humanity.


Operation promote green globally, implementation of new global policy framework that is environmental friendly, renewable energy, nuclear and fossil carbon management can also be put in place to put our beloved Earth on the glorious path of recovery.


Today let’s start the healing process .


To heal the Earth and the world. And in the future we shall all be glad that we took this giant step.


We now call on world leaders, the youths, great citizens of the Earth, scientists, humanitarians and all those that appreciate the precious gift of our beloved home called planet Earth to all work together now to save the Earth.


For our Earth is now crying out for help.


Let us work together now to save the Earth.





NB: Research materials for this article : The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( The United Nations ), Awake Magazine “ What’s Happening to the Weather ” Pg 5, August 8 2003, The Guardian Newspaper “Saving the Planet from Global Warming “ by Wole Oyebade Pg 19 , June 2009, The Guardian Newspaper “ UN Canvasses Signature for Action on Climate Change “ by Francis Obinor Pg 13 , Sept 2009.







So many messages of hope that need to be preached across the world


   Billions of lives need to be touched


So many lying in critical conditions that need to be revived and brought back to life


So many with heart aching for love that need to be told that true love like diamond is rare but can still be found


So many things that need to be done to advance the cause of mankind


   So much contributions to make to the Human race


So many shedding tears like waterfall from Heaven that need to be consoled


So many wandering in the wilderness of life that need to be taken to the Promised Land


So many abandoned in the orphanage by their very own and need to be taken care of and shown the true meaning of love.


So many that has given up on life that need to be told that God that created them still hasn’t given up on them


So many that needs to be inspired and become an inspirational figure to the world


So many blessed with too much greatness that need to be told that they can still realize their greatness


   No matter the obstacles they face


So many with great light burning inside them that need to be told , to let their great light shine


   And let their light light up every parts of the Earth


So many that need to be told


That they are not the product of accident


That they are not in this world by chance


That they were born to be great


   ... And become a blessing to the world