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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !


About Us :


At DEE EVERGREEN WORLD our noble mission and vision  is to contribute  positively  to a better  world.


To inspire to change the world.


And we hope that one day , people of this generation and the future generations will catch this vision and also  contribute positively to the noble vision , dream and  ideals of a better world.




                                           DEE EVERGREEN WORLD

                                  ... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !



                      HOW TO ACHIEVE THE GLOBAL VISION


We intend to use different platforms and the powerful power of the social media to spread the message to the world in E-Book forms, MP3’s and different formats.


We also intend to go to Schools ( Primary , Secondary , Tertiary Institutions) ,Churches , Social gatherings , Public places and also engage Organizations , Multinationals and like minds to spread this powerful timeless message to the world.


Join Us today and spread this powerful message to the world.



                   HOW TO JOIN THE MOVEMENT


Step One : Log on to


Step Two : Like us on Facebook


Step Three : Click on any of the page(s) that interest you e.g PEACE TO THE WORLD , THE YOUTHS OF THE WORLD , THE UNITED NATIONS (SDGs),CLIMATE CHANGE or LET THERE BE PEACE on our Home Page.


Step Four  : Click on any of the page that you choose and share on FACEBOOK ,TWITTER , YOUTUBE , LINKEDIN e.t.c , e.t.c


Thanks for spreading the message.


And Welcome to the world of Peace , Love and Harmony.



                                 DEE EVERGREEN WORLD

                           …Let your Heart beat for Humanity !





We must all irrespective of the colour of our skin, belief or social status take

pride in propagating the noble ideals of a better world.


A world where we all nobly identify with peace, love and harmony.


A world where the children of the world will be shown the true meaning of love

and will be well taken care of.


A world where the youths will be well equipped , greatly encouraged and

inspired to be the best that they can be for their benefit , the benefit of their

nation and the world.


A world where the government of every nation will see their citizens as very vital

components of their nation and get to understand that the development of their

nation and their citizens' welfare is part of their basic responsibilities.


A world of equality. A world where equal opportunities prevails and is available

for all ,where people can freely thrive, excel and flourish like a beautiful flower

across the river.


A world where there is justice, peace, love and harmony.


A world where terrible diseases and poverty that threatens the human race and

our common existence will become non-existence due to our common

global positive action.


A world where climate change and anything that afflicts our planet Earth

concerns all of us.


A world where we care not only about ourselves. But we also care about other

people , our dear planet Earth and the world.


And a world where we can all proudly call home ; our world.





PEACE TO THE WORLD ... Dedicated to Promoting World Peace