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... Let your Heart beat for Humanity !






In the beginning

   It was not so

Our Father

   Didn’t make it so

Why do we kill each other in the name of religion

   When He that created us Himself is love

Why do we discriminate in the name of race

   When God Himself created us in varieties to beautify the world

Why do we cage

   When we can set free

Why do we curse

   When we can bless

Why do we pull down

   When we can elevate

Why do we destroy

   When we can build

Why do we destroy the world

   When it is still our home

Why do we have to ruin a brother

   Just to rise

Why are we filled with envy and jealousy

   When everyman has his own time to shine

Why do we wish each other evil

   When we can wish each other well

Why do we destroy each other in the name of war

   When we can live in peace

Why do try to condemn

   When it is God that is truly qualified

Why do we condemn each other

   When it is God that will judge us on the judgment day

Why do we think of only ourselves

Why don't we think of the future generations

   Will they forgive us for the damage we've done to the world

Why do we ignore the pleas of the children

   When we can show them love

Why do we think of only this life

    When there is a greater life to come

My heart yearn for peace and harmony and love

   To reign supreme in the world

I may be gone in time

   Yet I live

Let people

   Of all ages

   Of all races

   Of all languages

   Of all religion

   Of all countries

And of all continents

   Learn to live in peace and harmony

As we listen to the voice of God says   

   ...Let there be peace !









Let's create a new world where war will belong to the distant past and our instruments of war forever turned to plow shed.


Let's create a new world where we can all be free to breathe the free air of freedom and be free to become all the great glorious things that God has destined us to be.


Let's create a new world where we can reach out as true sons of God that we are and touch billions of lives with the great life we have been blessed with. For that is the greatest achievement we can ever achieve in this world and in the world to come.


Let's create a new world where we can become an instruments of glory in the hands of God and a catalyst of positive glorious change to the Human race.


Let's create a new world where we can all work together and make the world a better place for all of us to live in and where every inhabitants of the face of the Earth can proudly call home.


Let's create a new world where we can rise above envy, hate, jealousy and learn to see each other as partners in progress. For together we can make great things happen.


Let's create a new world where the great life we live will be worthy of emulation throughout all generations, where we will become too great and too valuable for the world to ignore. Where our great name will be forever written with gold in the hearts of men and in the golden pages of Heaven.


Let's create a new world where tears will be replaced with laughter, sadness with untold joy, hatred with love, pain with gain and where the lost ones and the less privileged will be sought out like a lost diamond and unparalleled joy and blessings brought to their sacred lives.


Let's create a new world where the children and the youths of the world will be told the immense potential and greatness which they carry, guided along the path of incredible greatness and their light and greatness shine throughout the whole universe.


Let's create a new world where people of all ages, of all races, of all social status, of all tongues and of all beliefs will see themselves as brothers and sisters, as partners in progress.


And finally embrace each other in the spirit of One Love and see themselves as not only great valuable citizens of the world but also as true candidates of Heaven.


Let's create a new world !









Poverty has destroyed many lives and destinies

   This we shall not allow to continue

High quality education very vital to the Human race

This we shall continue to champion for the benefit of the human race

   And set them free from the limiting shackles of ignorance

From Africa, Asia, Europe, America and all continents of the Earth

We shall positively affect and touch the lives of the children, youths and all people of the world with quality universal education

   Till the voice of liberation is heard across the world

In God and mankind

   We are one

And our love for doing good

Concerning the affairs of the world

   Shall forever remain strong

The children we shall love with all our hearts

Shelter them from all forms of harm

Provide health care and give them all the love we can

   For them to live a high quality life that they were born to live

The youths of the world shall not be left out

   For we value them greatly

We shall allow them to blossom like a beautiful flower in full bloom

And empower them in any way we can

   To make them realize their greatness and the fullness of their full potentials

Concerning women our better halves our beloved

We shall promote gender equality

   And we shall not rest till they occupy their rightful place in the affairs of the world

We have promised to be socially responsible and promote environmental sustainability

To also tackle climate change

And protect our world from all forms of peril

   For a better Earth will indeed produce a better world for all of us to live in

We shall also reach out to our mothers

Those that carried us in their precious wombs

   And gave us the chance to come into this wonderful world

We owe them a lot

   And we shall take care of their health, embrace them with love and touch them with our wealth

We shall all combine efforts to combat HIV/Aids , Cancer , Polio

Totally eradicate it or reduce it to its barest minimum

   For we can’t allow it to continue to afflict the lives of our very dear beloved ones

Let it be known to all men

No matter our age, race, creed, belief or any continents of the Earth we come from

With love

   We shall all rise

In God our maker

   We shall all stand

And having faith in the common good of mankind

   We shall all achieve

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

   Is truly worthy of global support

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

… Together let’s fight and work to achieve this golden dream for this golden age !








…Dedicated to the youths of the world!


You’ve been blessed from above

With too much greatness and abilities

   Waiting to explode

The world needs you

    More than you know

Heaven value your Presence

   More than you think possible

You’ve been endowed with uncanny abilities

   To also make positive contributions to the world

Let your creative genius come alive

And let it give birth to so many countless creative works

    That shall advance the cause of Mankind

You are an unusual being

   Blessed with the genes to excel beyond limits

The brain

    To think of extraordinary solutions

The special abilities

   To do the incredible

And the unique gift

   To become a blessing to the World

Your tomorrow is far greater than your today

   Your future too glorious than imagine

The Youths of the World

The Pride of Today

The Hope of Tomorrow

   The Joy of all Generations

Let the Giant in you be awakened

    And let your positive contributions to Humanity

… Be felt throughout all Generations!







...Dedicated to the children of the world.


The Children of the world
   Heroes of tomorrow
Legends of the future
   Great ones that are destined to take mankind to another level
In them you see a great gift to the world
In them you see the very wonders of creation
   In them you see beauty
And in them you see so much greatness
   That will shake the world
They are born to make history
   And change the course of the Human race in their own time
They are great blessings to us
For they are Angels from Heaven
   On a mission to do great works on Earth
We must all rally around them
To make them fulfill their great destinies
To make them grow not only to their full potentials
   But to also become giants amongst men




I strongly believe that children are not only one of God's greatest gifts to the world but also very vital component of the human race.


I strongly believe that the future of the children of the world is very important , for their glorious future is very bright and we must take very good care of them , stand by their side like a friend and truly be there for them whenever they need us. For they are one of God's greatest gifts to us.


We owe it as a point of duty to God and man to take very good care of them , to reach out and touch their lives positively in legendary proportions , to make them realise their full potentials as human being , to put smiles on their faces , to assist them in every way we can , to make them blossom like a beautiful flower in full bloom , to make them to fulfill their full potentials and also help them to become all the great things that are destined to be .





...Dedicated to Parents and Children Worldwide.


They came from the past
They live in the present
   And the future belongs to them
They are instruments of blessings
Bringers of good fortunes
   And the catalyst of good things to come
They bring good luck
They bring happiness
And they spread joy and laughter
   Everywhere they go
They are Angelic
They are sweet souls
   And no Home is complete without them
They are mankind’s most precious thing
The Human race most treasured possession
   And Heaven’s most precious gift to man
They are the rave of the moment
   And the toast of the times
They are celebrities
   And stars in their own right
They are the people’s favourite
The Beloved of all
   And the Apple of God’s eye
They are the miracle of our time
The wonders of the ages
   And the joy of all generations
The sun, the moon, and the stars
Was created because of them
The universe was made for their comfort
   And Heaven was made to be their home
They are the sons of the universe
The children of the future
   And the Citizen’s of Heaven
It is because of their existence
   That the world came to be
They are the reason
   Why the world still lives
And it is for their kind
It is just because of them
That the kingdom of God
   Was established
They are the reason
Why the Garden of Eden
   Was created
Why paradise was made
And the very reason
   Why Heaven was made to be
Please, take care of the children
   For theirs is the future!







let's create a new world : a better world for us all


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